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Text content is far more valuable being generated by humans rather than just run of the mill automation.

Automated Content:

Web Ecommerce Design

Creating a good web ecommerce design is a very important task if you are starting your own ecommerce business. Experts say that an ecommerce business success is very dependent on how well is that ecommerce web design done. Let's take a look at how you can create a good ecommerce web design for your online business site.

Content generated by human knowledgable writers:

Web Ecommerce Design

Simplicity is the best key for any web ecommerce design. Just ask any professional ecommerce web designer and he or she will agree on that statement quickly. When a web ecommerce web site looks simple and easy to access customers who visit it will not hesitate or be confused. Another thing is if there is a messy clutter of information and a wrong clash of colors on the web site the web ecommerce design will not be titled 'suitable' or 'professional'.

Q: But isn't it SPAM to purposely use keywords in articles?

I hope not! For example, say I have a carpenter writing an article about "kitchen counters" and Google thinks it's about "website counters". A little judicial use of the keyword "kitchen counters" in the right places will fix this problem. But this knowledge of search engine optimization is fairly arcane and you don't want to have to teach SEO to every carpenter writing website content. However, using my software, such rules are made explicit which means that any carpenter can write articles that search engines love without knowing a thing about SEO.

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