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Xbox 360 Console

La ultima experiencia en juegos en red.

Le he pedido una a los Reyes, pero Microsoft no puede con todos los pedidos...

Zoundry's First 100 Hours Test

I have tried several client-based Blog Writers.

And the winner is:

Zoundry: simple and elegant and yet powerful.
It is by far the one I like the most.
Its only real competitors are ecto and Elicit.
Blogjet is way behind and w.bloggar while free, it hasn't been updated for a while (although w.bloggar is not dead...
...neither am I ! -says Marcelo Cabral).

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Amazon Pages service allows individual book pages to be purchased

The Amazon Pages service plans to let customers to buy portions of a book (even just one page) for online viewing.

Amazon Upgrade service will offer full online access when a traditional text is purchased.

Both services are expected to begin in 2006.

The cost for most books would be a few cents per page, although readers would likely be charged more for specialized reference works.

Under Amazon Upgrade, anybody purchasing a paper book will get instant online access to it, plus they will receive a physical copy of the book.

The new programs are an extension of Amazon's ``Search Inside the Book,'' which lets users browse a book's contents for free.

Amazon Shorts, another program, offers brief, original fiction and nonfiction for 49 cents each.


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Installing BlogJet

I’ve installed BlogJet

BlogJet Logo

Offline Windows client for my blog.
Manage your blog without opening a browser.

But it’s not free, mind you.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
Pablo Picasso

Wordpress Article Spam

Text content is far more valuable being generated by humans rather than just run of the mill automation.

Automated Content:

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Unidad ZIP JU-811T012 Panasonic 16.100 100 MB Int. EIDE/Fast-ATA 11,2 MB/Seg
Zip 100 ATAPI Iomega 16.790 100 MB Int. IDE/ATAPI 1,4 MB/Seg
Zip 100 Puerto Paralelo Iomega 16.790 100 MB Ext. Paralelo 1,4 MB/Seg
Zip 100 SCSI Iomega 16.790 100 MB Ext. SCSI 1,4 MB/Seg
SuperDisk LS-120 LKM-FB34-5 Slim Matsushita 18.103 120 MB Int. EIDE/Fast-ATA 5,44 MB/Seg
Unidad Int. Superdisk 120 MB Imation 24.000 120 MB Int. EIDE/Fast-ATA 1.100 Kb/seg.
Zip 100 USB Iomega 24.350 100 MB Ext. USB 1,2 MB/Seg
Store Swap LS120 Eurolitos 27.200 120 MB Ext. Paralelo 0,9 MB/Seg
Store Swap Zip Eurolitos 27.200 100 MB Ext. Paralelo 0,9 MB/Seg
Unidad Superdisk 120 MB conexión a USB Imation 29.000 120 MB Ext. USB 700 Kb/seg.
Zip 250 ATAPI Iomega 30.200 250 MB Int. IDE/ATAPI 2,4 MB/Seg
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DynaMO 640 SE Fujitsu 56.800 640 MB Ext. SCSI-2 3,9 MB/Seg
MCE3064 SS Fujitsu 56.800 640 MB Int. SCSI-2 4,7 MB/Seg
Jaz Iomega 57.216 2 GB Ext. Ultra Wide SCSI N/D
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Dynamo 640 USB Fujitsu Consultar 640 MB Ext. USB 3,9 MB/Seg

No hay manera

Me he pasado todo el verano trabajando para levantar la tienda de microLink en Estepona, pero no ha habido manera.
Solo he conseguido estropearme la salud, gastar el poquito dinero que tenia, averiar el coche y mosqueos varios.
Pero microLink sigue, por Internet claro, que es su habitat natural...

Blog de microLink

El Blog de microLink.

El comienzo y las andanzas de la empresa de Electronica e Informatica, ubicada en Estepona.