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Xbox 360 Console

La ultima experiencia en juegos en red.

Le he pedido una a los Reyes, pero Microsoft no puede con todos los pedidos...

Zoundry's First 100 Hours Test

I have tried several client-based Blog Writers.

And the winner is:

Zoundry: simple and elegant and yet powerful.
It is by far the one I like the most.
Its only real competitors are ecto and Elicit.
Blogjet is way behind and w.bloggar while free, it hasn't been updated for a while (although w.bloggar is not dead...
...neither am I ! -says Marcelo Cabral).

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Amazon Pages service allows individual book pages to be purchased

The Amazon Pages service plans to let customers to buy portions of a book (even just one page) for online viewing.

Amazon Upgrade service will offer full online access when a traditional text is purchased.

Both services are expected to begin in 2006.

The cost for most books would be a few cents per page, although readers would likely be charged more for specialized reference works.

Under Amazon Upgrade, anybody purchasing a paper book will get instant online access to it, plus they will receive a physical copy of the book.

The new programs are an extension of Amazon's ``Search Inside the Book,'' which lets users browse a book's contents for free.

Amazon Shorts, another program, offers brief, original fiction and nonfiction for 49 cents each.


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Installing BlogJet

I’ve installed BlogJet

BlogJet Logo

Offline Windows client for my blog.
Manage your blog without opening a browser.

But it’s not free, mind you.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
Pablo Picasso